Reassessing the Green Agenda: Unintended Consequences and the Search for Sustainable Solutions

The global movement to phase out fossil fuels, predominantly championed by American liberal socialists, has encountered a darker side that raises serious questions about the unintended consequences of pursuing alternative energy sources. As companies delve into the extraction of rare minerals required for renewable technologies, the environmental impact is becoming increasingly evident, leading to ecological […]

Empowering Children: The Impact of Chores on Responsibility and Independence

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, parents work tirelessly to provide for their families, often returning home exhausted. Meanwhile, kids, full of energy and with plenty of free time, are left at home to navigate the after-school hours. This raises a crucial question: Should children be actively involved in household chores? In this […]

Banned Books

Below are a few of the books that were banned in Florida’s elementary schools. Warning, the books contain nudity, vulgarity, pornographic images, self pleasuring instructions for kids and oral sex. Links to books were provided by organizations dedicated to allowing free public access to banned books. nor its subsidiaries claim ownership or responsibility for […]

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This popular Youtube series uncovers the truth about many Christian beliefs that are believed to be Biblical but are not. These videos have reached over 82,000 viewers! Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree with what is being said in the videos! 

Is COVID Vax Sudden Death Syndrome Real?

Over the past year, I have personally received or viewed numerous anecdotal reports from various individuals around the world who have reported witnessing their friends and loved ones who are athletes suddenly die during a sports event.   These reports all alleged that after their loved ones were forced to receive the COVID vaccine, that […]

Why Satan Hates Hetero Marriage

There is an all out assault on traditional heterosexual marriage. You might be shocked as to where this attack is coming. You may think that it’s only coming from the liberal wing of our government. But what If I told you that the main attack is coming from the Body of Crist itself? What if […]

Tips For Helping Transgender Youth

We, as Christians can no longer ignore what transgender youth are feeling. It is alleged that they actually feel that they are in the wrong body. Who are we to determine what they are feeling is real or not? For me it is apparently real to them because transgender youth are willing to mutilate their […]

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How The IRS Plans To Destroy Southern Baptist Autonomy

irs targets southern baptist

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is America’s largest protestant conservative denomination. What makes being part of the SBC unique is that it allows all churches to be autonomous. Each church is independent of the other, and there is no hierarchical leadership structure. This means that the local church body has the right to select their […]