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Gov. DeSantis Made the Best Decision

I felt it was my responsibility as a reasonable minded resident of Florida to discuss the numerous complaints around Governor DeSantis’s decisions during this COVID pandemic. 

First, let me start off by saying that COVID has forced all of us to make tough decisions regarding our lives. Many people now evaluate subconsciously whether doing something or going somewhere is worth risking sickness or even death. This is also coupled with the fact that we have to eat, pay our bills, and take care of our families. So, the question I hear from all sides is, “What are we supposed to do?”  Do we stay isolated and starve to death, or do we try to live as normal as possible and risk getting sick? I believe for the most part; the answer is obvious. We need to live as normal as possible, while taking precautions when necessary, and avoiding risk as much as possible.

Even with taking the steps to live our lives as normal as possible, we are still confronted with yet more decisions as to what precautions we should take, such as: Should we wear a mask? Should kids go to school? Should we get vaccinated? The list goes on and on.  This is why we as a community of voters elect people to govern our state. It is their job to do what is best for ALL of us and not just SOME of us. Our state government are comprised of some of Florida’s brightest minds, and through the political process, we have given them the authority to help make the tough decisions.

One of the toughest decisions our government leaders had to make was how to proceed forward. We all can agree, that yes we wanted to keep Florida open. But how could we do this safely? Now if you have been watching the news media, they would have you believe that Gov. DeSantis decision to keep Florida open put us at greater risk of spreading COVID and causing more death. Just know that I believe the media has engaged in hyperboles by using high percentages to scare everyone. In all fairness what they should have done is compare the current daily COVID death rate to back when we had our highest daily COVID death rate. So look at the reports below, and lets compare the figures ourselves. Lets look at the daily number of deaths…

If you look at the above screenshots from news articles from the height of the pandemic in 2020, you will see all sorts of “record breaking numbers.”  Florida’s highest daily death count reached 277on August 1, 2020.  Now compare that number to where we are today. The highest daily death rate since the emergence of the Delta variant is 160. That is no where near the 277 death toll from 2020. Even if you look at the highest daily death rate for 2021 as a whole, Florida only reached a daily death toll of 216. As you can see, we are no where near the peak from 2020.

Now the question you must ask yourself is, “ Why is the media engaged in hyperboles?” The only answer I can think of is their disdain for the Republican party.

Since the local news is not shining light on Gov. DeSantis, I will take this time to highlight what Gov. DeSantis did, that put Florida ahead of all other States.  When he decided to keep Florida open, he was also working behind the scenes trying to get Floridians access to more COVID therapeutics.  If you listen to the media, they would have you believe that his opening of the Regeneron treatment locations was a spur of the moment decision done with haste to prevent disastrous consequences from his decision to leave Florida open. The fact is that he was working on a contingency plan from the very beginning. He knew that if he kept Florida open, that he also must make sure that people had free access to vaccines and treatments.  He accomplished this with military precision. He had a Regeneron treatment facility open within a short time of shipment availability. Who does that? The man is a genius in my book. Yes. I had my doubts about his decision, but now looking at the contingency plan he has put in place, and plausible other plans that he has not mentioned yet, I have full confidence that he can lead us through this surge with a decrease in deaths IF people seek the medical options available.  These options are:

  1. Wear a mask. 
  2. Get a vaccine.
  3. Get Regeneron 
  4. Self isolate. 


I believe if people choose one of the 4 options, then we will all survive this thing.

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