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5 Major Problems With Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

There are 5 major problems with Biden’s infrastructure bill that should be alarming to minorities, BIPOC Folx, working class families, and low income communities. The comments quoted below are from the Fact Sheet: The American Jobs Plan 3/31/21.

1. Biden’s Plan seeks to control your movement.

  “Modernize public transit.…bring bus, bus rapid transit, and rail service to communities and neighborhoods across the country. It will ultimately reduce traffic congestion for everyone.”

If you take time to read the small details that Biden reveals in his infrastructure plan, you will notice that his plan is all about controlling your movement.

He wants to make lower income communities dependent upon a government system that has the power to control not only where people can go, but also when people can go. For example, if you need to be somewhere at a specific time, and the government controlled transit system isn’t open yet or it doesn’t go to that specific destination, then you are crap-out-of-luck! He wants people to be a slave to his system.


2. Biden’s plan seeks to control your access to gainful employment.

“Across cities, suburbs, and rural areas, President Biden’s plan will help parents get to work reliably and affordably, reduce the impacts of climate change for our kids, and make sure fewer families mourn the loss of a loved one to road crashes…his infrastructure investments will mitigate socio-economic disparities, advance racial equity, and promote affordable access to opportunity.”

Think about it. If you are dependent upon the public transportation system, you will only be able to go work where the government transit system allows you to go. You will also be a slave to the times it provides. If you get a “good job” that is on the north side, but the government transit does not go there, guess what? You are crap out-of-luck! Moreover, if you have to be at work by 6am, and the transit system does not open until 7am, guess what? You are You are crap out-of-luck!


3. Biden’s plan only helps the upper elite class.

“Create good jobs electrifying vehicles. It will give consumers point of sale rebates and tax incentives to buy American-made EVs (Electric Vehicles), while ensuring that these vehicles are affordable for all families and manufactured by workers with good jobs.” 

Did you catch what Biden said? What he said can be interpreted in two ways. You could interpret him as saying these vehicles are affordable for all families, and manufactured by workers with good jobs.”  Or you could interpret as it was written “these vehicles are affordable for all families and manufactured by workers with good jobs.”   Did you notice the difference between the two sentences? One comma makes a huge difference. I think this was done intentionally to cover his butt.

If we take what he said as written with no edits, then he plainly stated that the only people who will be able to afford the newer EVs will be those who have “good jobs.”  Let me ask you a question. What is a “good job?” How much money does a “good job” pay? Where are the “good jobs” located?  Who can qualify for these “good jobs”?  

The reality is that America is suffering from an affordable housing crisis. Many of the regular working class people who work as cashiers, waiters, clerks, delivery, and retail industry cannot afford to pay their own rent. So how are they going to afford an expensive new Electric Vehicle. Moreover, how can they afford to keep their existing vehicles when Biden is intentionally raising gas prices just to make EVs more appealing to consumers?

So basically Biden is saying that if you have a bad job, you will be forced to use government controlled transit. This means, the government will have the power to control your movements, and access to resources, and employment


4. Biden’s plan alienates and places a division between the rich and poor.

 “Invest in reliable passenger… rail service. There are currently projects just waiting to be funded that will give millions more Americans reliable and fast inter-city train service… modernize the high traffic Northeast Corridor; improve existing corridors and connect new city pairs…”

I will need you to keep rereading what Biden said until you see it. Did you see it? He stated that the bulk of his transit plan will benefit the northeast corridor of the U.S. Then he states that he will “connect new city pairs.”  Can I ask you two questions? First, what is the average income of the individuals in the north eastern US? Second, what the heck are “city pairs”? 

According to the Census report, the average median income of those living in the northeast is $73,000. They have on average assets worth $287,000. They spend less than 30 minus traveling to work. Do you really think that these people need public transportation? The TRUTH of the matter is that Biden is from this area, and he is dumping money there to pay his cronies in kickbacks.  If you do a little digging, you will see that the companies who will benefit from this influx of cash are those who are tightly connected to the Biden regime.

This is the northeastern U.S. where the majority of the infrastructure monies will go.
5. Biden’s plan impedes upon our freedom of choice and controls access to resources. 

I believe that people have the right to freely move around via any means they deem fit. If an individual chooses to use a bike, car, train, or plane it should be by the choosing of the individual person and not the government.  Understand that Biden’s plan seeks to control who has access to transportation. The government should NOT be in the business of controlling who has access to transportation such as personally owned vehicles (POVs) nor should the government enact regulations that make it unaffordable for lower income communities to own and operate their POVs. Instead, Biden should allow the free market and consumer choice to guide America into the future. 

My Final Thoughts...

Wealthy elite progressives in an imaginary utopian bubble!

Let’s be honest. The main reason why many of us do not use public transportation is because all of us have experienced at one time or another a negative event on the transit system. Be it a person harassing you, or a homeless man playing with his penis in public, we all know that for the most part, public transit is not safe. I know it may seem like a good idea for all of us to use public transport, but the reality is that we live in a flawed sin-sick world where there are evil people who seek to do evil things. The only thing that we can do to avoid the harms caused by evil is to remove the evil, or avoid the evil. In the case of public transit, unless there is a plan to remove the evil intentions of those who wish to do others harm, then the only other option we have is to simply avoid using public transit.

4 Responses

  1. You can still use a car or ride a bike if public transportation doesn’t go where you need it to go, just like today. The difference is that there will be a lot more public transportation available for people to use that will allow people to take advantage of it.

  2. “. . . all of us have experienced at one time or another a negative event on the transit system.”

    Really? Cite the source of your information, but before you do, take an honest man’s advice to follow your own advice, “Let’s be honest!”

  3. Lol, is this actually for real? I feel like I just read a few paragraphs from a ‘flat earther’


  4. WTF! You are an idiot. Millions of urban dwellers don’t have cars and millions can’t afford cars. Without public transportation the cities would shut down. Besides if you want to drive to work, you have that right. This is just bullshit. It’s like saying that public libraries are designed to control what you read. Go screw yourself.

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