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Is COVID Vax Sudden Death Syndrome Real?

Over the past year, I have personally received or viewed numerous anecdotal reports from various individuals around the world who have reported witnessing their friends and loved ones who are athletes suddenly die during a sports event.  

These reports all alleged that after their loved ones were forced to receive the COVID vaccine, that their lives were never quite the same. Many of them complained of heart arrhythmia issues, but medical professionals passed off these issues as benign, while others on the other hand never had any signs, other than their sudden death.  The one thing that all of these sudden deaths have in common is they were all vaccinated individuals. Does this necessarily mean that the COVID vaccine caused their death?

As I searched online for additional answers, I realized that many of the videos of athletes suddenly dying during athletic events were obviously removed from the most popular video websites. However, I was able to find videos on the dark web, and what I found triggered me.  I saw video after video of people suddenly passing out during an athletic event. What I will personally attest to is this: What I saw in those videos looked similar to what I saw happen to Damar Hamlin on live TV.

The question we should be asking is what really happened to Damar Hamlin? Was this an incident of COVID Vax Sudden Death Syndrome? Can we trust the media and medical professionals to tell us the truth? These are all questions that I cannot answer. But what I will say is this… There is nothing in the dark that God will not bring to light! If COVID Vax Sudden Death Syndrome is real, then we will be seeing more episodes like this happening globally over the next few months, because these sudden deaths are indeed increasing, and whatever is going on the media or the government will not be able to cover it up.

 (Thankfully paramedics were able to perform CPR on the field, and we pray he will recuperate.)

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