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Critical Race Theory Explained


Dear Dr. Usher, 

What is Critical Race Theory? Should I be concerned about it? I have heard so many things about it, but I am not sure what it is. It sounds very complicated. It seems very confusing. Can you offer some insight? 


1. What exactly is Critical Race Theory? 

It is a THEORY that seeks to explain how White people used our governing systems like LAWS to oppress and hinder BIPOC folx.   (BIPOC folx is an ancronym that means Black, Indigenous, People of Color. )

However, Critical Race Theory also explains how non-BIPOC politicians only care about equality when it is beneficial them. In short, if there is no benefit, then there is no  change. One example that Critical Race theory exposes is the perceived push for civil rights. In short, the only reason why politicians cared about the civil rights of minorities was because it benefited their political career, and enable them to remain in power.

2. Who created Critical Race Theory, (CRT)?

CRT is a THEORY created by two non-BIPOC people named Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic in 2012. They actually wrote a book called “Critical Race Theory” and made millions of dollars in royalties! In short, they made a huge profit by exploiting the struggles of BIPOC folx.  

crt origins

3. How should Christians Respond to Critical Race Theory? 

First, as a Christian- we must understand that we are bearers of TRUTH. If we ignore the truth, then we are no-longer Children of the most High God, but rather the bastard children of satan.  I say this to stir you so that you don’t turn a blind eye to the truth of our history of racial bias in America. 

Our response to the nuggets truth found in Critical Race Theory should be one of recognition, and also resolve. We recognize how politicians used our governing systems  and laws to oppress BIPOC Folx, but we are also resolved to create equality and a more just union. 

So rather than be afraid or intimidated by Critical Race Theory, use it as a tool to help BIPOC Folx see how their issues are just tools of manipulation used by people in power to remain in power. Let them know that true change comes from the heart, and a person who has a true heart change is no longer motivated by the attainment or maintaining of benefits, rather he or she is willing to sacrifice everything for the cause of truth and justice, even to the point of death.  

Jesus said in Luke 6:35, Love your enemies, Do good, lend, and do not expect anything in return… This is true change.  This type of heart change can only come through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

96 Responses

  1. So many comments here are false. First, there is no “most high God”. Believing in a God is an ancient believe now exploited for money. Secondly, “This type of heart change can only come through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ” is only true if you believe in Jesus Christ? Why? Believe in what is said but not because of a God.

      1. If you’re theory on politicians is true (which somewhat is) why do black Americans continue to vote for Democrats who have nothing but imposed a new form of slavery upon black Americans? My answer to new form of slavery is dependent upon the government for housing money to pay bills , food stamps (yes many white Americans are also on food stamps as well). Democrat lead cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Milwaukee still have some of the highest black on black crimes also account for many poverty stricken families!! So in all Dr. Usher your pushing a Theory which cannot be proven that will divide a nation to the brink of a civil war 161 years later.

        1. Why do people like you always bring up black on black crime. I’d be willing to bet you have never uttered white on white crime. Which happens in every town in this country, but you would have to educate yourself to understand this

          1. Nathan, every one assumes there is white on white crime and other combinations of races involved in crime. The reason why people bring up black on black crime is because there is huge and repetitive coverage of crime when there is reported a white perpetrator and black victim to the point of disproportionate coverage compared to if there is a black perpetrator and black victim, let alone asian or hispanic perpetrators and their victims. What’s up with that? Not all perpetrators are motivated by race and skin color. Many criminals are simply opportunists. Yet the media coverage and some politicians and others magnify what they want to showcase in order to motivate outrage and manipulate people. I guess this is one instance you could apply CRT to. However, if CRT is applied correctly, it wouldn’t even apply here because there are multiple races behind this manipulation. It’s never a good idea to make such broad swaths of stereotyping people by checkbox groupings like race.

          2. Your comment is nothing more than a deflection. The context of bringing up black-on-black crime is made only when some folks want to concentrate on the .01% of Black Lives Matter as it applies to cops and blacks. Millions of police interactions every year that don’t end it death. Comply and live. If the cop is wrong, sue them, and live. A question never asked after the death, “would the person be alive if they complied?” Bad cops need to be exposed and removed/prosecuted. Where is the outrage with respect to black-on-black? An undeniable fact, 10,000s more blacks die at the hands of blacks every year than do at the hands of cops (justifiable or otherwise).

            Bringing up white-on-white crime happens, fact! It doesn’t get brought up because we are not bombarded on the evening news with a white guy getting killed by a cop for not complying. Yesterday it happens. As a white I have little sympathy for whites who don’t comply. The cop wants to go home to.

            You mention educating yourself. I would beg it requires folks to be honest about the subject and stop with the victim hood and take responsibility. The Democratic party likes it just the way it is, because they maintain control of your vote that way.

        2. More white people are on food stamps and dependent on government than black people. Those Democratic cities may have more black crime and more white crime because they have more people in them period. Jerks talk about black on black crime which is no different than white on white crime, but you make it sound like it’s a bigger problem when it isn’t. Critical theory needs to bring to light how just because slavery ended didn’t mean that the cruelty, violence and unfair treatment of blacks stopped, especially in the south. Reconstruction was short and after Johnson(president after Lincoln) pulled out the troops, the the old slave masters took control back of their states and put into law laws that were in some cases worse than slavery. Nothing changed, Jim Crow Laws were established and things got WORSE because those old racist attitudes are hard to kill and still linger. Things have improved, but it’s time to tell the real stories behind generational interstate sex trafficking’s of underage girls in boys for the pleasure of white power brokers you called slavery and how laws and law enforcement was developed to hold a group of people down, WAY after slavery had ended.

          1. Lisa your claim is flat out wrong. Black people have a much higher PERCENTAGE that depend on the government to take care of them. It all started with Lyndon baines Johnson and the great society. It was all about getting the black vote. That is why 95 percent of blacks (or more) still vote democratic. Lyndon Johnson didn’t care about blacks or civil rights. He wanted their vote. In this aspect, CRT has some relevance

        3. And, it’s obvious that these Democratic run cities do not care about people of color or they would be doing something to try and stop the murders and crime. Do you think Lori Lightfoot gives one whit about all those little black kids being shot in Chicago? I can almost guarantee you she doesn’t.

        4. I’m a white female and I’m sickened by your hate and ignorance. Trust me, you’re the one that’s not human. Sounds to me like you have no soul. Black Americans typically vote for Democrats because they believe they have their best interest at heart and will treat people equally. I’m a registered Republican but I vote for people not if they are blue or red. I will continue to vote for a party that will treat people equally and right now that is the Democratic Party. Hope you are taken off this earth very soon, because it will be a much better place without you.

        5. Your perspective would change if you were a black person for one day. Unfortunately, our prejudices are deeply ingrained and most probably will not change. You need an epiphany!

        6. SHAME ON YOU!! That was an awful thing to say and please tell me you don’t think you are a Christian. I don’t even know how to reply to your STUPID comment.

      2. I am a white conservative. I think the critical race theory is pure genius. It’s basically the trojan horse to change the system…the financial and economic system. In a naked sense, it’s more a money grab than even a power grab.

        I digress. Let’s me just play along here and respond with something simple….AND? And what. So America used it’s law to promote discrimination and further the interests of those in power. AND? Let me guess. The disadvantaged want money? You want to write a new constitution? You want a formal apology? Sure but something tells me cash justice will be needed.

        It’s pretty clear that people want to change the power structure to dole out more socialistic benefits. A money and power grab. I love America because it’s a nation that allows free ideas to come to the forefront and most of them now are just handouts.

        How about critical female theory? It’s m theory that women have been historically oppressed by men thru systems of law and are continually oppressed. In fact, I read back in 2017/18 that a woman did some research and determined that 6k women had died at the hands of men.

        Because America, well every country on earth, has had an inhumane past then because America can print up money then we need to start making people whole. Charitable contributions and government programs have been attempted but more $$$$ is needed. Always more cash to solve problems. Only in America.

        Now this is going to shock you. Ready? I believe in reparations. Let’s get a 5 trillion dollar fund that will be given to every oppressed group. Just one catch. Once the debt is cut in half then we can dole out this money? Oh, that’s not going to work. The current generations will have to sacrifice and some future generation will get the cash. Yeah, that’s not going to work.

        1. I feel sorry for you. I won’t be here in 10 years however I sincerely hope that you are…after EQUITY has seen fir to allocate some of your property to those less fortunate. I have read both Marx & Mao Tse Tung’s socialist redbook. You are being fooled. Good luck.

      3. He is obviously an atheist. My theory on God and religion is this. I would rather life my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t than life my life as if there is no God and die to find out there is.

      4. America is basically a white country because it was the white man that founded America. It was the white men that fought for this country and won. It was the white man that created the Constitution and our government system. It was the white man that worked to make our country great as it is today. Now why would we want to be governed by black/brown skinned people just because your skin is darker than ours? It won’t happen in my lifetime, I can assure you of that. You don’t want equality at all. You want to dominate us and be superior to us. That is the problem.

        1. It was not White men who founded America. My relatives arrived in the 1600’s and there was an indigenous population that had lived here long before we tortured their society. Racism is a socioeconomic problem- not wanting another group to do as well as yours and God Forbid better. It’s almost as if it’s a deliberate joke to write what you wrote. Bad “ All in The Family “ dialogue.

          1. White men founded the country “The United States of America”. There was no “country” at all when they first got here. The indigenous people regarded their land as a gift from the spirits, not something with which to form a country. Otherwise, I do not support what the person who you replied to said.

            Whenever a technologically advanced society overruns a less advanced one, the result is almost never not good for the latter, especially in the short term. This is a regrettable side effect of “progress” which is going on all around us all the time. Knowing this, IMHO what the white people should have done when they first got to America was leave the Indians completely alone. Then allow contact to occur in time, with the effort coming from either side but preferably on the Indian’s terms. Let them be curious about you, which they most likely will be. Show them your plow. Show them your compass. In time, build trust with them and perhaps employ them if they seem willing to become a part of your culture. But do not force your culture onto them if they do not want it.

            Contact like this has happened countless times the world over, and it usually follows predictable patterns. This is the most benign approach, IMHO.

          2. The “Indigenous” didn’t “found” anything. They just sprung up here as an accident of nature and failed to accomplish anything or become anything worthwhile. Europeans finally showed up and actually created something of meaning instead of just killing neighboring tribes and poking around in the dirt. It’s interesting that you used the word “torture,” because, when indians attacked helpless white farmers, travelers, etc., they murdered and raped and “tortured” to their heart’s content, including little girls who weren’t much more than toddlers. They took great pleasure in “torturing” their captives; burning them alive, skinning them alive and cutting off their eyelids so that the sun would boil their eyes in their sockets. The women, in particular, so loved to partake in acts of torture that the men would bring them captives specifically so they could practice the art of “torture” of their helpless captives. Ignorant people like you are the undoing of everything good and fine about our nation, yet you praise yourselves moronically.

        2. Europeans came to these shores first to explore the land , then to dominate the indigenous peoples then exploit its natural resources and nothing has changed in 200 some odd years. our nation is fashioned after the human beings nations that occupied this great land before Europeans landed here . white people are so argent, you know the Spanish were here first . when they tell a Latino to go back where he came from ! HE IS. right here right now!
          we did this first we did this best. yeah we messed up everything natural on this green earth or for our Christion friends GODS GREEN EARTH?

          1. Europeans did not come here to dominate the indigenous people. They came to settle the land and push them aside if need be. Neither did they come here to “exploit its natural resources” as most were settlers not inclined to run large business operations. Otherwise, profiting off the land is universal and is only exploitation when foreign adversaries are robbing local peoples of that which lies underneath their own feet.

        3. Marlina, this country was build by white people on the backs of people of color. Now I know you are smart enough to know that. Michele OBama was amazed the first night and I am sure sad too at the White House that she was sleeping in a house built by slaves. You know it is by the luck of the draw that we were born in this country and luck of the draw we were born white. I have disliked many people in my 64 years for many reason but never for the color they were born.

    1. Welp, let’s start here, just because you don’t believe in god doesn’t mean no one should. For some people god offers a sense of comfort and is a source of well being and happiness. Do some people exploite the church for monitary gain? Yes people exploite everything possible if there’s profits to be gained. Do all churches exploite others for money? No they don’t, and the wide sweeping statements you used just perpetuate stereotypes that devided people. Secondly, no you don’t have to believe in Jesus to be a good à good person, I know plenty of Atheists that are good people. But again that doesn’t mean people should be screamed at for believing in God or Jesus as the Bible describes him. Just because someone doesn’t share your opinions doesn’t mean they are wrong, nor does it mean you are wrong, it just means you think differently, anger here isn’t needed.

    2. Why Will you assume everyone who speaks about God does it for money? Secondly why will you say there’s no most high when infact every Religion claims there’s a Almighty? Secondly Christ dies for your sins so if you Repent you will be saved if you only knew Him.

      So Repent and get to know who Jesus is.
      Now my Beliefs is what guides me, so why will say I should believe without Gid when infact God is the standard and by His Laws I judge my Right From Wrong.

      Are you not being Arrogant or prideful? Humble yourself.

    3. bubba, man you need to pick up some books and read. You are in for a big surprise my friend. The Bible isn’t just some book…Too many Godless people in this world. Love and compassion is the only thing that will change this dark world we live in. God is all around you…Good luck in your miserable life.

    4. You are actually here why? Are you so miserable in your life that you need to spew your venom just because? Find peace, friend. Life is waaay too short to be angry and to hang onto it.

    5. Where ever you see the word God, substitute the word good and all will make sense to your little mind. I don’t think it’s such a huge coicidence that the words are so similar.

    6. Words, how about finding another synonym, perhaps Creator ? I know not everyone agrees with the thought of there being a creator, oh well–. I take issue with the use of ” lend ” from the introductionary statements. The sense conveyed in this biblical exercise is ” give ” not expecting reward, do it because of compassion, not lend or expecting to profit. Now, back to your objection, Moses tried to identify the being speaking through that burning bush, to which He said, I am, meaning I exist, I am who I am, not a name but on our level of intelligence, ” me.” I am (me), no name you can affix. Naming is important to humans’ need to catigorize. To Hebrews enslaved by successive Pharaohs, an unavoidable higher-power they, like Moses, wanted to name demonstrated continuously His power, His ” higher ” intelligence and His higher ” ways.” They(and Egypt) were so impressed that they did not further pursue the ” runaway” slaves. This would constitute recognition of the ” Creator ” as their god, or JHVH or God(as Christians use). Immaterial controversy need not question the existence of a Creator, we are here, we are not an accident. We are here for a purpose, that is the Creator’s.

    7. you are so wrong. John 3:16. For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only son that who so ever believes in him shall no perish but have ever lasting life.

    8. you need to have an understanding of knowledge through education- structured education to really and truly understand what is being said here. God to some is “good orderly direction” GOD. not a person or being but a spirit. So we are born with sin. it is our job to seek through enlightenment CHANGE that makes us a good person. Not someone who rebukes ideas, or gets angry when others don’t agree with them. But to change is to accept all ideas, understand everyone is different, and to know that their is no right or wrong way no matter what path we choose. We are all one, and we are all the same.

  2. The article states:
    “However, Critical Race Theory also explains how White politicians only care about equality when it is beneficial them.”

    If that is about “some White politician,” then it’s clearly true.

    In 2016, there was a unanimous ruling by a three judge panel on the North Carolina Supreme Court about the *implementation* of a voter ID law in North Carolina being used to prevent black people from getting a voter ID.

    Here is the court’s ruling. There was evidence and witness testimony that made the court ruling obvious.
    Click Here!

    Note in the index, “5. INTENT TO DISCRIMINATE”.

    I don’t know what Critical Race Theory is, but I know it’s not what some right-wing people teach.

    We should be teaching people about slavery, the Tulsa massacre, the Civil Rights Movement, and how it was part of our government originally, including only rating slaves as worth 3/5 when calculating population to determine the number of representatives, and other legal issues.

    When slavery “officially” ended, it wasn’t really ended in several States. Vagrancy laws were passed, black people were arrested, and the prisoners were leased to plantations. The prisoners got little or no pay.

    Every step forward has had things like that happen, and while things have gotten better, there are many more steps to take. That should be taught.

    When I was born, in many States, interracial marriage was illegal.

    Before I turned 11 years old, black people and white people in some States weren’t allowed to drink out of the same water Fountain.

    Segregation was in my lifetime.

    The racists didn’t just stop being racists, like some switch was thrown. Just a few years ago, Oprah did a show in a town in Georgia that had no black people in it, and black people didn’t go their because it was too dangerous. She was the first black person to be in the town for 75 years. She went with a film crew, and she got death threats. She left before nightfall for her own safety.

    This, and more, should *all* be taught. It’s history.

    The truth doesn’t create division – it ends it.

    1. No way. There are no all-white towns in Georgia, not even in western redneck Georgia. You are making this up. I’m calling your bluff here.

      1. actually they are correct it was in 1987 if you do a little research you can find the episode forsythe, GA I thought it was bull as well but took the time to research before looking ignorant.

      2. Up until the late 1970s there was an all black town in Kansas. Nicodemus. It was created because overnight all of the black people in the town of Norton Kansas were physically driven out. So all white towns. Yup. My town, all 150 of us. Might be one or two native Americans, other than that all white. Crap still happens.

    2. In recent polling, a majority of black Americans believe that ID should be required to vote….just as it is to get on an airplane, drive a car, see a doctor etc….The Democrats seem to be saying that many black Americans don’t know how to get ID…in other words the Democrats are implying that blacks are too stupid to get ID….now that’s real ‘RACISM’…

  3. the one thing that i would say here is that people get bullied all the time it doesn’t matter what color they are . I am white but i have not been afforded a lot of things in this country because we didn’t have a lot of to me that has nothing to do with color ,i do need to say though that it was choices that i made that kept me poor for so long. It doesn’t matter whether you are African American or white it is the choices that we make, my whole family has worked hard all of our lives to provide for our families. We did not have anything given to us but now it seems like we are supposed to act like we feel bad because we are white. I do agree that slavery was wrong but no one that i know of that owned slaves is alive today and we should not have to pay for this for the rest of our lives

    1. The one thing that was “handed” to you was being born white. You may have been poor & had to work hard for what you got, but you didn’t have to battle people following you around a store thinking you were just there to steal something, people crossing the street to the other side when they saw you coming, being denied a mortgage because of your color – it’s called white privilege. And although you didn’t do anything wrong personally, just having your whiteness not be a barrier to achieving simple everyday tasks puts you one step above. It’s not about paying for something for the rest of your life that is the issue, its acknowledging that it exists & working toward changing attitudes & cultures & laws that perpetuate it. That’s it.

      1. You make it seem like non of this is the black communities fault. If you owned a store and let’s use a Latino person as an example since they are not black or white, the Latino youth came in dressed like all the criminal Latinos you see on the streets, are you going to think they may be there to take from you? Yes you would. You would follow them around for sure. Explain why a young black youth is wearing an oversized hoodie and baggy pants in the middle of summer in 98 degree temps. Any one would think that odd. Since CRT, the T being theory, is a theory. I submit to you that what you say is theory and not all fact but partly based on emotion. You perceive a wrong doing where there is non on the store owners part. Maybe you choose to stand out in a way that draws unwanted attention to you and you refuse to accept that you did something to create your perceived wrong. I live in the south and have seen many blacks go into white owned stores and they treated like anyone else. On the other hand I have seen blacks go into white owned stores and act disrespectful to other customers and and the owner and complain it’s all the owners fault cause he is racist. I have seen the word race or racist used as a weapon when they don’t get their way or can’t stand toe to toe in a debate as an escape. To me CRT is the wrong way to go about proper change. It is just like all those that want reparations for anywhere between 300-600 years in the United States. First and foremost the United States has not been around for 300-600 years. So the entire argument is then based off of greed and not making something right. Second there are no slaves here to give reparations to, so that brings us back to greed. Third the United States didn’t start slavery. The African tribes that captured other tribes and made them slaves did. They sold them later to Spaniard who brought them to The colonies and sold into slavery to the British, Spanish and French. The declaration of our independence was the beginning of the end to slavery. So the end of slavery began with this countries birth. The Civil War came 89 years later and slavery for all states is over. So if anything there are 89 years that reparations could be claimed. Then again there are no slaves to pay and there haven’t been for generations. Therefore no reparations should be paid. It is all in perception and CRT is a bad perception.

        1. CRT is not about reparations. CRT’s main points are that racism is the primarily the result of cultural and societal issues rather than biological ones.
          I do not see how this point can be argued. It is obviously true.
          And then yes, by extension you can then infer that American society is broken.
          I’m sorry though – that is what the facts and evidence seem to show.
          Consider – why do Blacks on average wait 20 minutes to vote but whites wait 10 minutes? How is that not systematic and societal?
          You may hate what CRT says about society, but you cannot deny its accuracy.

          1. Mr. Janon. Where did you get the statistic of 20 minutes/10 minutes? I don’t know where or how you voted, but here in Florida, we all stand in a line on election day. If you are black and number 12 in line and I am white and number 13 in line, you vote first. I have NEVER seen or heard of ANY WHITE PERSON being taken out of line from behind a black person and sent to the head of the line. I call bull shit on your remark and it is WRONG! Your statistics are wrong or you read the information wrong. Speaking from Florida. I cannot speak about where YOU voted or got your information.

          2. “You may hate what CRT says about society, but you cannot deny its accuracy.”

            Well, yea I can deny its “accuracy”
            Cuz its a THEORY .. not fact !!

          3. It tends to be accurate in the same way that a “tell all” biography meant to dig up dirt on a particular person is accurate. In other words, all the facts are cherry picked and only the negative is highlighted. Nothing good is ever said about the individual (or country) in question. This is bias, or propaganda, not truth, since truth involves presenting both sides. I agree the way history has been taught is similar, but lets not suggest that this is an improvement. Its just “history” from the other side of the fence.

        2. Watch movie “The Naked Prey” with Cornel Wilde. Initially about slave trade in Africa in 1800’s

        3. I completely agree with you. I was born and raised in the south and I’ve witnessed racist situations coming from both white and blacks. Racism has been around almost from the enception of time. The vast majority of racism I’ve seen has been motivated by greed.

        4. This is where people should do some research. The North was growing quickly and needed laborers for their factories and to expand the railroads. It was an economic boom time for them. Where was there a cheap labor force? In the South. And many Northern businesses started to court the slaves to come and work for them with a promise of a better life. Hence things like the Underground Railroad and others who fairies people over the Mason-Dixon Line. Governors warned Lincoln there would be war if he took away their labor force that they dearly needed for their agricultural based economy. So when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation, war is what he got. It was not about slavery and how immoral it was: it was purely an economic decision. So let’s be honest about decisions that were made in our own history. And if you want to teach Critical Race Theory, then you better be ready to talk about all people of color who have been exploited in our culture and how terribly we he treated and continue to treat our Native American population.

        5. There are so many things wrong with what you wrote- but, your 1st and foremost.. The US has been around more than 300 years. And Theory is not truth? Theory of Relativity.

      2. You’re kidding right? I have walked into restaurants and had the entire staff turn around and walk away. I’ve been denied mortgages on several occasions and my children have always been denied student aid that many of their peers have received strictly on race and not merit. If anyone walks into a store and looks threatening or sketchy they will probably have someone watching them throughout the store. I have a couple stores and can attest to the fact that I keep my eye on thugs but they come in every race, color and sex.

      3. To think that white people don’t ever think about this would be incorrect though because they do. And unfortunately, human nature being what it is, incidents like you describe will continue to happen. But I think these types of incidents will only increase if CRT becomes widely taught. Why? because CRT doesn’t actually promote love and tolerance, it promotes divisiveness based upon our differences. CRT does not teach whites to love and support minorities, it teaches minorities that its OK to target whites because of their privilege. And so do you think this could have any bearing on these stories about black kids walking into stores? Absolutely it does. The main point of CRT is also to show how systemic racism and white oppression is responsible for the conditions that many minorities find themselves in. In otherwords, its all about pointing fingers at victimizers, not about asking the “victimizers” for acceptance and greater tolerance. And so now the next kid that walks into a store might be thinking how can he get back at that man who he has been taught now is his oppressed.

        I see nothing good to ever come out of Critical Race Theory as it is based upon Marxist principles designed to divide by pitting oppressors against the oppressed. You may gain greater knowledge about our past sins, but how will you use that knowledge? To give you peace of mind, or to target others? It is also about shaming whites into submission in a manner that is remincent of a child being forced to apologize to a parent or superior. This can be really a humiliating experience that can easily lead to anger.

    2. Very well said! And it’s not “white” people fault that the “African Americans” only make up 13% of the
      Population……. so, ya…. they’re not going to be prominent in anything in this world! Crying “race” is just an excuse to not try hard enough! The only race there is, is the human race! Stop dividing with labels!

    3. As I read, I feel a need to respond. I concur that people get bullied, regardless of their color. I also concur that choices we make can alter the trajectory of our very lives. However, I can’t help but think about the amazing things that were created by people of color, the amazing accomplishments that were made, under some of the most extreme circumstances (slavery, Jim Crow). I muse about the many missed opportunities, the potential wealth stolen because of the justifiable laws created to make it so. I ponder the countless families that were separated and sold, some never to be heard from again, stripped of language, customs, and cultural norms. Many were killed because they were told that they were a cursed nation, divinely ordained to be in a role of servitude. We were told that because of our very DNA, we were a fraction of a human, unable to be educated…and the list goes on. There is not enough money in this world to repay every person of color restitution for the atrocities done. So no one wants you or any other white person to feel bad because you happened to be blessed with the skin color much lighter than mine. Apologies are not necessary. What I pray for is an equal playing field because even in 2021, it is not. I want for EVERYONE to truly be treated with dignity, empathy, and equally. Start with the truth! The simple truth needs to be taught. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. There is a old African proverb that states: “Until the Lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the Hunter”. -Zimbabwean Proverb. Simply convey the truth.
      May God have mercy on us all!

      By the way, I am a woman of color that holds a Doctorate degree. I too come from a family of hard-working parents, where all of my siblings hold a college degree. All of my and my sibling’s children hold college degree and some serve proudly in our military.

      1. Thank you Dr. Brothers for your insightful comments. Congratulations to you and your family!

  4. Sir,
    I must say that I listen to you and disagree with you. If you believe in the God that you say you do. What is the need for guns? Isiah 54:17, No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgement, You shall condemn. I ask the question, what would Black people worship; if they weren’t given Christianity. Critical Race Theory, Religion and a host of other stuff is used to divide. And I must say that I am no edified from your rant. And I post this with no disrespect to you and your opinion or belief.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I want you to know that even though Christians indeed do trust in God, our Constitution is not the Holy Word of God and thus cannot be held as an equal to God’s Word. The problem you are seeing is the heart of man. The reason why we have a Constitution is because people dont obey God’s word. Remember, the law is for the lawless. Those who do not follow the higher law of the Word of God must be subject to the lesser laws of man. If there were no laws, the world would be in chaos. Hence the 2nd amendment is mans attempt to make people think twice about breaking the law. As a Christian, I fully trust God. But should I expect those who do not trust God to blindly live without any protection from harm? Thus, I say let those who are weak in faith and those who do not believe in our Bible, put their trust in the 2nd Amendment.

      1. Let he who have no sin cast the first stone. You sound like you walk sinless. The constitution was written by God fearing men you should take note.

    2. Isaiah 54:17 should not be interpreted to mean a believer in Christ should not own a weapon. The verse only reassures a follower of Christ that ultimately they have victory because of the divine protection of God.

      Fortunately we have direct guidance on this issue from Jesus Christ Himself!!

      Jesus in Luke 22:35-38 Instructed his disciples to be prepared to defend themselves and their property. In fact he told them if they didn’t have a weapon that they should sell some of their property in order to purchase one. So for a Christian, having a weapon is not the demonstration of a lack of faith, but rather an act of obedience.

  5. Let me clarify. White liberal politicians do all the above. In other words they are duplicitous. Lincoln caused the emancipation and ran with it. Quit now with this stupid view before we enter a war that you will loose.

    1. “Dr” Usher, whoever he is, would have us believe that Jesus Christ advocated bearing false witness against your neighbor, covetousness, vengeance and hatred towards your fellow man for past grievances. I think he would do well with a simple basic understanding of the ten commandments. I don’t think critical race theory has anything to do with Jesus Christ and everything to do with the edicts of satan.

  6. Well, I watched the video, and read the comments. In the end I still don’t understand fully Critical Race Theory.
    Since I don’t fully understand it. I came away with this. I AGREE TOTALLY THAT SINCE IT IS A THEORY,
    It should NOT BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS. With that said, the reason is bc in the younger years, children are easily led the wrong way, and again I agree some teachers will teach it as FACT… NOT GOOD. HOWEVER, as an elective in later years when the kids are older and understand the difference between theory and fact, Let them Choose it.. as an elective. SOMETHING ELSE I BELEIVE IT IS DOING, IS TAKING AWAY THE FOCUS ON WHAT IS FACT, SUCH AS SYSTEMIC RACISM…..

    1. Doug, under this logic, half of physics shouldn’t be taught in schools due to the “theories” they teach. I say teach the historical facts. Truth hurts. Facts are facts. You can blind your children if you want to, however, I don’t think it should be my children’s responsibility to teach your grown, shielded-from-information child true history and “racist things he or she shouldn’t say”. If you choose for them to learn that the hard way, so be it. After taking an Ethics and Morality course and an American History course, the children will see that what happened in the past was horrible and possibly question why his/her ancestor did or had to deal with that. This moment would be the beginning of understanding on both ends of the spectrum…and you want to hide it from them.

  7. the truth shall set you free. we all need truth. we learn to love others as ourselves. we don’t have to be christians, to want to be good human beings. i never learned in school about the horrors we did to the native americans until i went to college. i did not hate my race, i empathized with the pliot of the indians. i promised myself to be a good human being i would look forward and stand up to injustices wherever i saw them. it did not make me hate anyone, it made me determined to do good. if you are a christian, you are told to do this for christ, if you are not a christian or member of a religion that asks you to be one with others, you do it because it is the right thing to do. we have to know what has happened so it does not happen again. stop making this a political issue. even a godly one… it is a human responsibility. we all need each other. wanda

  8. Jesus himself said he came to the world ONLY for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He told this to a non-Israelite that begged him for help. Only after the woman called herself a “dog” seeking crumbs from the master’s table, only then did Jesus change his mind about helping the woman. Her recognition that she was a dog impressed our Savior! CRT doesn’t jive with Jesus!

  9. WOW all very interesting but yes a Theory. My parents were immigrants and did whatever was needed to support 4 children including a mentally retarded child. They worked HARD all the time. We ended up in a upper middle class environment, schools even in this area were not great. Although my parents never saw color in people and their continued generosity was always apparent with all. One of the largest influences for us kids was a teacher for my handicapped sister. She was smart, gentle and shared incredible culture with us. Oh did I mention she was black. In her later years she would share how embarrassed she was with the younger black generation and their parents. She feared them and chose to move to a white suburb in the 60’s as she felt safer. This amazing woman received her masters in the 50’s, she did it and no not because her family had money. She knew it must be a fire in your own belly to drive your success. When communities have violence it is up to the community to resolve. Carrying a grudge for 400 yrs probably isn’t very healthy. Which could lead me into health care and again individual choices.

    1. Umbris – You are sick. God does not hate anybody but He definitely doesn’t approve of your attitude.

  10. I will not state my race or political views. Take my statements at face value from all angles and consider this. Perhaps it is time that we stopped dividing this country by teaching and pointing out differences that cause people to take sides. Why not teach , from a young age, citizenship and good will. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Teach goals in life and ways to better ones self that encompasses everyone. We are one race, no one better or worse than another. Drop the verbage of white on black crime or black on black crime. This can be shortened to “crime”. Make it unacceptable again. Judge the crime by the perpetrator rather than the color of their skin. The race we should all embrace is the human race. People are allowed their own opinions. If you dont agree that does not make them a racist or priviledged. people have used differences since the beginning of time to divide groups and get them to choose sides. We cannot change the past but we should darn well learn from it and come together if we want to mold the future for everyone as an inclusive society. Starting with young impressionable children, maybe we can slowly mold our futures for generations to come. Laws do not change societies. people do. There is good in everyone and I think that it is proposterous for politicians to exploit and divide the people to gain their positions. Never seem to propose a solution but only to keep things stirred up for personal gain and to gain or retain office. I hope people can wake up before it is too late and more people lose lives and livelihood and turn this country into a model for all to thrive instead of a laughing stock. Off my soapbox and on to lead an inclusive life for everyone I meet. Who wants to join me?

  11. The stupidest part of this, at its core it’s stupid, is that everything politicians do or don’t do for anybody, any group, and entity is determined in terms of “will I get votes,” and will I lose votes.” Their entire political life is based on this equation. Treatment of BIPOCs is no different than the treatment of any other group. It’s is the MOP theory that I was introduced to in college. Any group, organization, etc. that has the Money and Organization gives them the Power to enact social change.

    Whites have more power because there simply are more whites than BIPOCs. Therefore whites elect more whites to positions of power. Politicians cater to their constituents. When you have a voting district that is predominately white, or predominately conservative – you give them what they want. Do you really think Pelosi would be elected in Nebraska or AOC elected in Iowa? The answer is no. Your effectiveness is only as good as what the majority wants or will tolerate.

    Civil Rights measures were largely defeated in the early 1960’s because Democrats in the deep south were elected by folks who did not view blacks as equal to whites. Therefore, for a member of Congress from the states of the Old Confederacy to vote for civil rights or voting rights legislation would be political suicide.

    Equal rights for any minority group is dependent on the will of the majority. Today, that will is derived from several elements: education, white guilt, and white fear. However, for it to become embedded in our culture, it must eventually become an attitudinal and behavioral change. For this to take place, whites need to see the change as something that is reasonably achievable. It doesn’t mean that whites necessarily want to change, but that they see the change as achievable. Critical Race Theory is not only an indictment of white society, but it is largely unachievable. Equal Rights asked for specific and achievable change, while CRT calls for a systemic change in everything whites think, do and say.

    As MLK once said to Ralph Abernathy. “Sometimes I think we might be moving too fast. We have to remember there are far more of them (whites) than us.”

    Jesus preached love, equality, and forgiveness. But, he was apolitical. Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s. Remember, many of his followers wanted Him to lead an insurrection of an oppressed people and he refused to. Their anger at him for not doing so was a contributing factor in his arrest, prosecution and death.

  12. I think we can know exactly why white people enslaved black people. It all boils down to greed. Knowing how much faster they could gain when they could do so off the backs of vulnerable communities.

    I think that CRT should be changed to something like “Racial studies” that is more palatable to both sides, and only teach the historical facts around racism and the ways that it influenced history. So much has been swept under the rug because it is too difficult for white people to look in the mirror and see what their forefathers have done. If we are going to heal then we have to be more willing to come to terms with history instead of shy away from it or outright try to bury it.

  13. Here’s something interesting about many comments here especially those that are clearly racist towards people of color.. You’re the very reason CRT exists… Frankly, I don’t really care what you call it. Call it Reconstruction Part ll. The truth is you don’t want to deal with any instruments of change because you fear change.. You fear a loss of the current status quo. Here’s a fact: what you will gain is freedom. Freedom from the past governmental economic and societal endorsed racist policies that has shackled and divided us for centuries.. Yes, for greed.. Maybe for some it’s just a need to other… Regardless, this is not for you.. But for our grandchildren who will one day live in a country where privilege is a word not associated with any race.. It’s not about guilting or shaming but about removing cultural boundaries that also force us to remain in the past. Reconciliation isn’t about you owe me.. It’s about making everything and everyone whole… It’s about doing better in the future so we can be sure that skin color isn’t a factor in how your treated or what become. Stop running from it. It’s not going take anything away anything except what divides us.. Of course if division is what you’re going for than go in peace with the devil that possesses you… Change can either push you to new heights or leave you behind… Your choice…

    1. The reason CRT exists is to divide, period. This is very clear based on its Marxist roots. Marxism’s main goal has always been to divide and upset the status quo, by whatever means, for financial gain. We can talk about the future we all would like to live in, but teaching CRT is no guarantee that any of that will be possible. It simply presents students with historical “facts”, and then leaves it up to the individual to decide what to do with them. Yes, we can have a vision for our future, but the idea that CRT is what we all need to get us there is a fallacy that people need to understand. CRT is not about love, tolerance or inclusion. It is about division and hate based on arbitrary separations of people into “oppressors” or “oppressees” It offers no solutions to systemic racism, no blueprint for our future. It only wants to bring a revisionist perspective to our past and tell all our dirty little secrets so that people can act on it as they see fit. If people see fit to respond to its teachings by committing acts of violence, so be it. That is CRT.

  14. This article does nothing really to explain what critical race theory actually is. At its core, CRT addresses power imbalances between those it deems “oppressors” and those it deems “oppressed”. Its close connection to Marxism is very clear, and it is global in scope. Were the Marxists concerned with people of color? The BIPOC community? Indigenous people? No, they were concerned with class differences only, and only later (starting in the 70’s or so) did they decide to apply this concept to race relations.

    So, what we have above is a false narrative built around the application of this idea to minorities, since it is based on a 150 year old political ideology originating in Europe at a time when there were really no minorities. The goal as usual was revolution. The only real objective was the displacement of the ruling class with the resultant taking of their money and property. Who benefited? Its anybody’s guess..

    If you support Communism, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cambodia under Pol Pot etc, etc China under Mao, then by all means, become an advocate for critical race theory. Otherwise, any attempt to characterize it as something explicitly aimed at improving the lives of minorities, and couched in feel good narratives about what is “just” and “right”, may likely earn you the ire of an anti communist or two. So lets at least call it what it is – Neo Marxism. You can look it up.

  15. They’ll NEVER BE EQUALITY on this earth until The LORD comes and takes (some) of us with HIM. Prejudice
    will follow a conquered prejudice. Watch the old Star Trek season 3 episode 15 15 and it will open your eyes. People, all people, will find something different about someone else and the will band together with that same idea- EVERY COLOR WILL! Take that to the bank.

  16. It’s always mind-blowing too see just how twisted black and brown people are and the lengths they go to to “lie” about absolutely everything in an effort to promote themselves and gain political power. White people created positively everything, with only a very few minor exceptions, including civilization while black and brown people were skulking about in the jungles, deserts and plains. It is the greatest tragedy of all mankind that they were put into the midst of whites to destroy everything that’s beautiful and undo so much of the good that these people have wrought. Their political correctness is such a hideous lie that allows them to twist the truth and rewrite history whenever it suits them. God loves all us, that’s true, but, as far as I know, the bible never even mentions race, period. God never said for those who are beautiful and creative to open their doors to their own destruction or to allow lesser people to despoil the beauty and intelligence that He graced them with. Jesus said to be kind, not stupid. Compassionate, not ignorant and destructive. Now they’re here undermining everything that took thousands of years to accomplish and we get to watch our children brainwashed in the schools that are supposed to teach them things of value. We get to watch them dress and behave like miscreants and to listen to horrible noise instead of music and appreciate garbage instead of art. And you want us to cherish you? I think not.

    1. John, I have to respond to what appears to be hostile and inaccurate assessments you seem to hold. Not all blacks came out of the jungle the same way not all ancient whites were smelly illiterate, dirty as they learned to bathe from the African Blacks. Are you unaware of things? For example: The FIRST University in the WORLD was the University of Timbuktu in Mali Africa where medieval WHITES learned and brought that knowledge back to Europe & helped introduce the European Renaissance started in Italy. (The 2nd University was the Sorbonne in Paris) Egypt, a birth of civilization is in AFRICA, not the Middle East and certainly not Europe. Black Africa had more to do with birth of Civilization than your make-believe history where folks of your ilk make Egyptian Queens look more like ElizabethTaylor than the Halle Berry’s of the world. And JESUS, was a BROWN Middle Eastern man NOT some white, straight haired blue eyed person, like the person I FELL IN LOVE WITH & married. For hundreds of years white racists have “made up” the face of the man we Christians worship. Revelation 1:14-15 offers a clue that Jesus’s skin was a darker hue and that his hair was woolly in texture.(Blacks have wooly hair) The hairs of his head, it says, “were white as white wool, white as snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace.” BURNISHED Bronze is BROWN!!!! So YES, the Bible DOES say what Jesus looked like and it’s not the face of Cesare Borgia the Pope’s son whom the face of Western Civilization calls the face of a God. No one is trying to destroy your whiteness, Your fear and hate is doing that on it’s own. This brown woman fell in love with a white from the bottom of my heart. Brown & black people have had an equal partnership in building this nation and yet our histories have been illiminated by white racist men in power that 1-10% who often control things. I hope one day you take a course and understand how the book “Guns, Germs & Steel” have shaped nations and the history of Africa, Asia and beyond. Many American’s need further education beyond the limited knowledge of history from small town white Western European perspective. Intelligence wants the truth, ALL of it. And for some illogical reasons fearful racists are afraid to hear ALL sides of history unless it’s whitewashed.

  17. Wow Critical Race Theory is made up garbage from the pit of hell, that has no place in Christianity. I’m sure there are no scriptures that you can give us to support your argument that Critical Race Theory belongs in Christianity, because no part of it belongs in Christianity. That scripture you gave in your article is nowhere near a scripture that proves Critical Race Theory belongs in Christianity. You are crazy & worldly with your argument for Critical Race Theory being a Christian doctrine. What you are claiming in your article is completely false & a lie that you have somehow convinced yourself to believe. You think you’re right in your own eyes, but your propaganda is false knowledge & racist. Does God care if you’re white, African American, Indian, or Asian? No he loves us all because we are all his human beings made in his image. Yes there was racism, but we are passed that now. Plus Critical Race Theory is reverse racism toward white people. How can you solve racism with more racism? That makes completely no sense at all. It’s like trying to stop a fire by throwing in gasoline thinking it will stop the fire. Critical Race Theory keeps racism on life support when without it there is very little racism. The only reason why there is still racism is because of Critical Race Theory. You guys really need to get off the race card you keep pushing, because God hates it, because he knows that all it does is try to separate God’s people. This race mongering is a complete abomination to our Lord. You guys need to fix your eyes on important things like having love for all your fellow brothers & sisters in Christ. God bless you all my brothers & sisters in Christ.

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