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PROOF! Gender Identity is a tool to sexually abuse children!

Did you know that the man who is recognized as the father of gender ideology was a perverted pedophile child sex abuser who forced preschool aged children to engage in sex acts, and he photographed them in the act?

It is time we challenge those who support Gender Ideology  by asking THREE BIG questions:

  1. Who invented this theory?
  2. When was it invented?
  3. Where did the research data come from?

Dr. John William Money

“Dr. John William Money was a child sex predator of the worst kind, and he did it under the guise of a licensed professional. He was more horrid than Larry Nassar and Josef Mengele combined! However, the difference is that in our modern time, John William money is being praised as a scientist and hero, when in fact he was a criminal! Read about what happened to David Reimer and his twin brother.

John William Money is recognized and considered to be the father Gender Ideology. In fact, the NY Times in 2006 credits Dr. Money as the one who officially coined the phrase “Gender Identity”, and “Gender Roles” in 1955. 

Dr. Money was also a proponent of pedophilia. He stated, “If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual […] then I would not call it pathological in any way.”  [-Interview: John Money. PAIDIKA: The Journal of Paedophilia, Spring 1991, vol. 2, no. 3, p. 5.]

David Reimer

David Reimer was one of the first children to undergo gender reassignment surgery against his will. He was then subjected to years of sexual exploitations at the hands of Dr. John WIlliam Money.


David Reimer was one of the first children to undergo gender reassignment surgery by force. He was a handsome little boy who had a botched circumcision procedure, in which Dr. Money Coerced his parents into getting their boy gender reassignment surgery, and to raise him as a girl. The fact remains that this procedure for David’s condition was not medically necessary. David’s condition would have resolved on its own. But because John William Money was a child sex abuser, he manipulated David’s family into forcing the toddler to not only get the surgery, but also take hormonal medications, and subjected David and his twin brother to sexual abuse!

During the twin’s [David and his brother] psychiatric visits with Money, and as part of his research, Reimer and his twin brother were directed to inspect one another’s genitals and engage in behavior resembling sexual intercourse. Reimer claimed that much of Money’s treatment involved the forced reenactment of sexual positions and motions with his brother. In some exercises, the brothers rehearsed missionary positions with thrusting motions, which Money justified as the rehearsal of healthy childhood sexual exploration.

In his Rolling Stone interview, Reimer recalled that at least once, Money photographed those exercises. Money also made the brothers inspect one another’s pubic areas. Reimer stated that Money observed those exercises both alone and with as many as six colleagues. Reimer recounted anger and verbal abuse from Money if he or his brother resisted orders, in contrast to the calm and scientific demeanor Money presented to their parents. Reimer and his brother underwent Money’s treatments at preschool and grade school age. Money described Reimer’s transition as successful, and claimed that Reimer’s girlish behavior stood in stark contrast to his brother’s boyishness.

Money reported on Reimer’s case as the John/Joan case, leaving out Reimer’s real name. For over a decade, Reimer and his brother unknowingly provided data that, according to biographers and the Intersex Society of North America, was used to reinforce Money’s theories on gender fluidity and provided justification for thousands of sex reassignment surgeries for children with abnormal genitals.

Colapinto, John. 1997. The True Story of John/Joan. Rolling Stone, 11 December, 54-73 + 92-96. 

Final Thoughts

It is absolutely shameful that anyone with a conscious would support or condone the ideological teachings of gender identity, and gender fluidity knowing that the origins of such teachings were founded by an individual who was as evil as Satan himself. To support this ideology would be the equivalent to supporting the ideologies of Nazism and the superior Arian race. If we accept John William Money’s claims and ideologies, the we would then need to apologize to Hitler and the KKK. In my opinion, if the author is evil, then everything he writes is equally evil.  I ask for all decent human beings to stand up against Gender Ideologies! It was not based upon real science. The core foundational data used to support Gender ideology (Gender Identity and Gender Fluidity) was false! It was based upon data received from children who were being sexual coerced and exploited by John William Money himself! If we accept Money’s research, then we might as well accept the research and validity of Josef Mengele (AKA the Nazi Angel of Death).

Any individual who supports this ideology after knowing these facts, is a cruel heartless monster, and may your soul burn in Hell for eternity!

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3 Responses

  1. To acquiesce when a child feels that he/she has been born with the wrong “parts” is a world apart from forcing a child whose penis was burned off to become a female. You are correct; Money was clearly an abusive and sick pedophile. He was already responsible for unknown amounts of pain in unknown amounts of children, and the thought is truly horrible. But to deny children who feel they are, in their hearts, the opposite of the sex they were born with, when the capability is there to change their gender is inarguably cruel. And to treat these children as if they are so despicable that they have to hide this is inexcusable. I will admit that I have never spoken personally with a trans person, but anyone with empathy can imagine how painful it must be to know that all the feelings that have been described by trans people in public arenas are ignored because others are uncomfortable about it. Children need to be valued for themselves, the way they are and the way they feel. Anything less is not acceptable.

    1. No one is denying a child anything. We are simply not allowing people who have gender dysphoria to impose their views upon a child that is not their own. You are free to raise your child your way, but you have no right to raise someone else’s child your way. It is unacceptable and reprehensible that you would support someone doing that to a little child. I think the reason why the LGBT community want to take our children is because they cannot reproduce and have their own, thus they come up with these schemes to take away our children. And who are you to empathize with a child? Are you some sort of pedophile? These are CHILDREN! Children are resilient! They have very active imaginations. They do not need a person who is suffering from a mental illness to corrupt them. How would you feel if I took your child and secretly brainwashed them into believing that everything you taught them was evil? I bet you wouldn’t like it, right? I think you are being very one-sided. You forget that we Christians have the same rights as everyone else. We have the right to believe what we want, and it does not matter if you or the LGBTQ agree with us or not.

  2. The person who did this was awful, but gender is real. Some people will literally commit suicide if their gender dysphoria is really bad. I’m not saying that every transgender (I’m using this as an umbrella term) person feels this way, but some of them definitely do. Also, there is something that transphobia always get wrong. WE DO NOT MUTATE CHILDREN!!! In order to get surgery as a minor, you have to get parental consent, and you have to be over the age of 16, and the same goes for hormones. And for those transphobes that say “A phobia is a fear of something!” You’re wrong. A phobia is a fear or great disliking of something. If you are a person who worries about women’s bathrooms getting invaded, guess what! There has been a 0% increase of men purposely going to the wrong restroom. And for the Christian homophobes (No, I’m not saying all of Christians are transphobes), it’s NOT the Bible! It’s you! Did you know, back when the Bible was written, being Homosexual meant an older man sleeping with a boy. Not boy x boy/ man x man was against the will of god.

    Onto a slightly new topic, you can’t really decide wether you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community or not. If you feel like a boy and a girl at the same time, that’s most likely not your fault. If you like girls and not guys, that’s not really your own choice, is it? And also, Intersex people are part of the community too! You can’t control what you’re born with/ not born with. “It’s not natural to surgically change your body.” How does this argument work now, if an Intersex person wants to? (Not everyone does, this is only an example)

    Anyways, thank you for reading this, and have a great rest of your day/afternoon/night! (Unless you are any type of LGBTQ-phobic, then I suggest you change your thinking or something like that.)

    Written by ~ A transgender, homosexual, and homoromantic person 😀

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