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American hero: Kyle Rittenhouse Did Not Shoot Any Black People

Some people consider Kyle Rittenhouse an American hero, while others consider him a White supremacist and a murderer.  There has been a lot of misinformation surrounding this case. What is the truth?

Here are the FACTS about the Kyle Rittenhouse case:
  1. He did not cross State lines with a rifle.
  2. He did not violate Wisconsin law.
  3. Kyle was not a militia member.
  4. Kyle’s father lived in Kenosha.
  5. Kyle had every right to be there.

Here are the court transcripts:

BINGER: Why did you feel that you should go around off the 59th Street Car Source property and put out fires?

RITTENHOUSE: To make sure my community didn’t get burnt down and help.

BINGER: Now, when you say your community, you mean Kenosha?


BINGER: Again, you’re from Antioch. You’re not living in Kenosha at this time when this all happens, right?

RITTENHOUSE: My dad lives in Kenosha.

Here is what I want you to understand about this infamous day in history. There was a mob of White people burning down Minority owned business, and destroying Black owned property…
La Estrella Supermarket owner Abel Alejo and Uptown Restaurant owner Yolanda Hernandez
If you say, “If Kyle would have been Black…” Then you need to take a look at this Black person with an assault rifle on the same night. 
The three men Kyle shot were: 
1. Gaige Grosskreutz career criminal and elderly abuser.
2. Anthony Huber a repeated domestic abuser.
3. Joseph Rosenbaum a convicted pedophile
The three criminals shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, Anthony Huber, and Joseph Rosenbaum, and Gaige Grosskreutz


Three  White CRIMINALS who were part of a White mob who were burning and looting minority owned businesses chased a White kid named Kyle, and attacked him. They were stomping his head into the ground, and they beat him with a skateboard. 
Now if this was your child, what would you expect him/her to do? 


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