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Lesson #1: Walking In Love

WALKING IN LOVE originates in Ephesians 5:2 , where the Apostle Paul states “ Walk in love  in the same manner that Christ has loved us and given Himself for us, as a sweet smelling sacrifice to God.”

 See, in order to walk it love with other people, it will require you to treat other people like Jesus would treat them. So, to make this process simple for you, I have broken the word LOVE down into four main actions that correspond to each letter in the word Love. 

So, the first letter in the word Love is the letter L. 

L stands for the word LISTEN..  Listen to everything a person has to say no matter how much it hurts. Do not interrupt or interject. Do not mentally go blank because you are waiting on your turn to speak. Just listen. Take notes if you must.

The second letter in the word love is  O.

O stands for OBSERVE.. Observe the situation. Try to see their hurt. Look at their face. Observe their facial expressions. Observe the tension. Observe physiological changes, ie tears, sweat, wrinkles, dry mouth, blood vessels. 

The third letter in the word Love is V.

V stands for Validate… Validate their pain and suffering by reiterating the things that they said you did that hurt them. Do not justify your actions. You are only to validate the fact that your actions hurt them.

And finally the forth letter in the word love is E.

E stands for Empathize.. Empathize with their pain by understanding that if you had experienced the same hurt or trauma, you would probably act out in a similar or worse manner. 

As I close, I want you to understand that walking in LOVE is not easy. This is especially when you are trying to walk in LOVE with someone who is not capable of walking in LOVE in return.  Remember, LOVE is patient. LOVE is kind. Love does not seek its own, but it seeks what is best for others. 

Also keep in mind that Walking in LOVE is not meant to make you feel better. Walking in LOVE is meant to ease the hurt of someone you love and care about. If you love them, you simply won’t intentionally hurt them, and you will do anything to help them heal..

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