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NEW STUDY: Gender Dysphoria Caused By Psychosis

Gender dysphoria is a psychiatric mental illness. The DSM-5 classifications are 302.6 and  302.85.

Dysphoria in and of itself is generically defined as “An emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression, or unease.”

People in general can have dysphoria for any issue that causes anxiety, depression or unease. If you don’t like going to work, you may suffer with “work dysphoria. If you don’t like going to school, you may suffer with “school dysphoria.” If you don’t like the meal your parent’s made for dinner, you suffer with “meal dysphoria.”  As you can see, dysphoria is a very generic term that can be used to classify all sorts of situations that we as humans face on a daily basis. In fact, Karger AG, Basel stated in a research back in 1987 that “[dysphoric] psychopathological definitions remain unclear and variable.” In short, it can be applied to pretty much anything a person desires.

So the question is, why do we treat gender dysphoria differently than work, school, or meal dysphoria? What is the root cause of Gender dysphoria?  

Delusion vs Dysphoria

Dysphoria in relation to gender, is often described as a “strong desire” or “incongruence” that does not align with ones desires.   In short, a person believes (imagines) that they are of another gender, even though the physical evidence shows the contrary. ³

Delusions are fixed beliefs that do not change, even when a person is presented with conflicting evidence. It is a form of “psychosis”— in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined.

Thus, to answer the question, it is believed based upon clinical evidence that gender dysphoria is rooted in delusional disorder [297.1].  A person with delusional disorder will suffer from dysphoria when confronted with reality.

NOTE: Children (and adults) who are struggling with the delusion of being a different gender will undergo dysphoria when their delusion is confronted by factual evidence. 

In order to help children avoid or minimize the severity of dysphoria, we must implement the prescribed clinical means of dealing with delusional persons according to the APA:

  1. Avoiding direct confrontation of the delusional symptoms enhances the possibility of treatment compliance and response. ¹
  2. Supportive therapy include: facilitating treatment adherence and providing education about the illness and its treatment. Educational and social interventions can include social-skills training (such as not discussing delusional beliefs in social settings) and minimizing risk factors, including sensory impairment, isolation, stress, and precipitants of violence. ²


I want to put this in laymen’s terms. The APA itself states that the best way to deal with people suffering from delusional disorder is to “avoid confronting their delusion”, and  “not discussing delusional beliefs in social settings.”   This means that the Gender ideological policies that many local school systems are enacting are not clinically healthy for children suffering with Gender Dysphoria caused by delusional disorder. Local school systems are actually causing more harm because they are reinforcing the delusional aspect of the behavior rather than teaching children the prescribed social skills training.

The question arises as to why is there a sudden push to identify children as gender dysphoric or trans? All of the answers can be found in the NY Stock Exchange.  Pharmaceutical companies stand to make billions of dollars in the life-long pharmaceutical treatments of Gender Dysphoric Trans children because these kids will eventually become adults who will become lifetime users of big pharma drugs.

NASDAQ data for Clarus Corporation. They are the makers of JATENZO. Upon the approval of Transgender rights, their stocks have grown 300% since 2017.


The biggest funder and pusher of Gender Ideology are the big pharmaceutical companies. They spend billions in lobbying and influencing APA research, and our government. The sooner Americans wake up and realize that we are being fed a bunch of LIES, the sooner we can bring our society back to some semblance of normalcy.  

As Christians living in a post modern world where pretty much anything goes, we have to always be reminded of the Word of God. What God says in the Bible is more important than the social dogmas of today.  The Bible says “


  5. [ as edited on 1/31/22]

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  1. Thankfully a site Google pulled up that isn’t pro-trans. Great to hear rational people are still out there. Keep up the fight!

  2. Man it took me a long time to find this article after careful and specific searching. Sharing it I am so deeply concerned about the big pharma agenda and how it is ruining the lives of people.

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