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Why I Do Not Believe In God Anymore


Dear Dr. Usher, 

I used to be a strong believer in God. I went to church regularly, and I even read my Bible everyday. I am now having doubts that God even exist. I talked with my professors and friend in college, and they all make really good arguments against the existence of God. Is God real? How do I know? Is there any proof that God exist? Don’t just tell me the typical Christian response either. I am sick of the same old regurgitated responses about faith and nature. I need REAL answers! 


As Christians, sometimes we encounter crises of faith. We often go through these horrible dry seasons where our lives and faith are not as vibrant as before. Our faith becomes stale and stagnant. Church is dull, and the proclamation of our faith is virtually non- existent.  These moments of crises are often spurred by tragic events, such as the terrible loss of a loved one, sickness, unfair situations, and etc. 

Sometimes our faith is attacked by the media and the education system. We subject ourselves to watching or listening to media that causes us to doubt our faith and the existence of God.  

When you find yourself doubting whether God exists, I want you to focus on this one fact… The Jews are still here. The Jews who are on the planet today are the direct descendant of the people mentioned in the Book of Exodus. Their forefathers saw the miracles of God first-hand. They even have a celebration that has been passed down for over 3,000 years called the Pesach, in which we call the Passover. I think that we as Christians fail to see the importance and significance of this celebration because our religious leaders over the years failed to teach us its significance as it relates to God Himself. For us, we relegate Passover to an event called Easter, and to a 30-minute ceremony called the communion. However, you all should know that the Pesach is more detailed and more profound than we were lead to believe. See the events that occurred during the Exodus are repeated in detail during the eight-day celebration of the Pesach.

Also keep in mind that the Jews existence also proves the story of their crossing the Red Sea. The people you see today are the descendants of the ones who actually saw the Red Sea open, and Pharaohs army drowned.

In closing, let me say that the Jews are the beacon of the existence of God to the entire world. This is why I believe they are often targeted and attacked from all sides. If the enemy can erase their existence, then he can erase their history of the God of the Exodus. If the enemy can erase the God of the Exodus, then Christ as the Author and Finisher of our Christian faith is mute. So I encourage everyone to visit with a Jewish family this year, and ask to participate in the Pesach. Follow their instructions to the letter.  You will be reliving the exodus as it actually happened. It truly is an amazing experience. It will renew your faith in the very existence of God because you will be able to touch and speak with the very people mentioned in our Book of Exodus.

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  1. There is not one non-Christian historian who has ever agreed that Jesus ever existed. He was invented by early Christian authors (mostly women) eager to promote matriarchy and re-incarnation. At the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. King Constantine changed over 2,000 verses of their dogma in order to spread patriarchy (God and king are one) throughout the vast Roman empire to ensure his “ordained” power ushering in all the nut-job pomp and ceremony that has crippled western society to this day. Eternal damn shame on you!

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