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Putting Prayer Back In School

“Prayer awakens a place in our children that lies dormant, screaming to be heard, seen, and free.” -Lisa Townes

We want our children to have a conscience about their behavior. Teach them the importance of a greater impact and awareness of their choices. Our children, school systems, and society face a God-impact due to our choices. How we treat ourselves, neighbors, peers, teachers, and children matters. Children’s lives matter.

We must impress upon our children that there are consequences for everything we give out. Show them empathy and be sympathetic as we embrace various cultures and diversity. There is much talk about reducing the impact on our children’s mental and moral decline. Prayer is proof positive for reducing, correcting, and eliminating the rampage of violence, the cowardliness behind the bully, and the pain surrounding the physical assaults. 

One of the goals is to send a clear message about the call for prayer back in school. Finally, prayer can be a catalyst for solutions and an iron-clad armor of support. Prayer is guidance for the spirit man and stabilizes the flesh. While we don’t see prayer as an expression of religion or denomination, we know prayer unites, releases, and awakens. We have tried many things to promote better test scores, graduation rates, a decline in teen pregnancy, drugs, gang-related violence, and mental health deterioration. Now let’s try prayer for the uplift and overall benefit of our school’s environment and children.

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