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President Trump Declared Innocent

I personally took time away from my work, family, and friends to watch the infamous January 6 investigation.  I decided to watch it because I simply wanted to try to hear all sides of the story before I made my own judgements regarding the matter. I will admit that January 6 was an embarrassment to America, and it reportedly made us the laughing stock of the entire world- so they say. However, after intently listening to each committee member and witness speak, I got the feeling that something was a bit disingenuous. It seemed to me that the questions, comments, and testimonies were carefully scripted, as to guide people towards a predetermined conclusion.  

The first thing I noticed that did not sit well with me was the composition of the committee.  There were seven Democrats and two Republicans sitting on that committee, all of whom had a particular bias against President Donald Trump. As a minority, Black, African American male, and BIPOC folx, I felt from the start that this was not a search for the truth, but rather a railroading session for a public hanging. As Black people know all too well, there is a systematic institutionalize injustice within our political system that allows those with the right connections and intuitiveness to sway weak minds. Such was the case with the January 6th Investigation. In short, the committee looked identical to the Politburo of the Chinese Party. There was not a real search for the truth, only a guise of fact-finding as to appease weak minded individuals.

What would I have done differently had I been on that committee?

First, I would have had experts cross examine each witness. It is apparent that the narrative presented by Cassidy Hutchinson’s did not align with video or photographic evidence taken during the time she stated the events occurred. In the case of Sarah Matthews, she testified that President Trump wanted to make the RINOs “Do the right thing.”  This one statement alone could be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, Each interpretation is subjective to the individual, their mood, and their personal biases.  It was, in my opinion, not significant enough to hang a man, especially not a President.

Second, I would have examined all FBI records of cell phone data of known BLM and left-wing activists. There is damning evidence that shows that masked individuals were present during the instigation of the riots. Who were those individuals?

Third, I would allow Secret Service Agents to testify. It is apparent that they heard and saw everything. However, I find it quite suspicious that they were not permitted to offer their testimony.

In closing, there are numerous things that I would have done differently. It would seem obvious to a socially conscious individual that the actions of this January 6 committee is at best suspect. Why are they so rushed to hang a man? Look, President Trump’s presidency was tempestuous, yet it was necessary because it exposed how the media is muddled with liberal political agendas. Yes. President Trump made numerous colorful comments, however is that enough to hang him? Many people have heard Hillary Clinton say worse things in private. Heck, some of you have said some very colorful things on your social media posts. So are we to hang him for the same sins that we all commit daily? I pray not!

What Does the BIBLE Say?

Proverbs 18:17  
 “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.”

This passage was written over 3,000 years ago during a time when justice and fairness did not exist within society, and was one of the first rules established by God to ensure that people were treated fairly by their government’s legal system. In fact, if it had not been for this being written in the Bible, no one in the world today would have this benefit. Our foundation for justice comes solely from the inerrant truths found in the Word of God.  

When the Bible commands us to examine a case, it is assuming that people will make an honest, non-bias effort to do so. In short, this passage is teaching us that whenever someone testifies in a case, that individual must be scrupulously examined. In my opinion, none of the people who testified were scrupulously examined. Therefore, until former President Trump has an impartial hearing where ALL of the evidence is presented and examined, there is no way a decent socially conscious human being would ever judge him as guilty. This is especially true for those who call themselves a follower of Christ.

After watching this railroad session, I have decided that based upon the inattentiveness to certain details of the January 6th riot, that I am at this time, going to declare President Donald J Trump innocent of all charges presented against him.  If you disagree with my decision, please share the facts as to why he should be found guilty in the comments below.

Tags: Meet the members of the select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection · Bennie Thompson · Liz Cheney · Adam Schiff · Jamie Raskin. Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack | Chairman Thompson is interested in any information regarding the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. We respect your need to remain confidential |  In a series of public hearings, the House committee investigating the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, is seeking to lay out the full magnitude of former 


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  1. Raf, I absolutely appreciate what you are doing on this platform. You have always been bold. I love that about you.

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