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Regeneron Used Aborted Fetus Cells

In 1973, a young expectant mother decided to abort her baby.  Sometime after the abortion, scientist dissected and used that baby’s body parts and organs to perform various experiments. One of the experiments yielded the HEK293T cell, which is the immortalized remains of that baby. These remains were used in the making of Regeneron and the making of other monoclonal antibodies used in the therapeutic treatment of COVID-19.

Many pro-life Christians support the use of Regeneron as their preferred treatment for COVID-19, and reject taking the COVID-19 vaccine which for the most part did not involve the use of aborted derived cells.

It is not my job to give anyone medical advice, diagnose, or treat any illness or disease. However, it is my responsibility to inform you of the facts that so many people brush under the rug. The fact is that there are no easy decisions here. You can not morally justify one decision over the other. 

Which would you choose?

A.) Would you rather suffer the side-effects of a man-made virus?
B.) Would you rather suffer the effects of a man made vaccine?
C.) Would you rather suffer the moral degradation of taking a mad-made antibody derived from an aborted baby?

These are the tough choices that you as an individual must answer. Your decision is between you and God alone.




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