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When People Stop Giving Because Your Sermon Convicted Them


Dear Dr. Usher, 

There is a lady in our church who is very wealthy. She is very critical of everyone. She said she would no longer give tithes and offerings because she didn’t like a message the pastor preach. Is what she is doing right? How should the pastor deal with her?


If any person who gives a large portion of their money to the church gets upset over a sermon, then I serious doubt that this individual is sincerely committed to Christ or the Body at large.  In the case with this lady, I would lean to believe that the message convicted her, and that she is wrestling with greed.  I also would believe that this woman is manipulating the church by giving a large amount of money as her tithe.  I do not think that God is very pleased with this type of attitudes in the church.


So how would I deal with this?  Prayer would be the first step. The second step would be to inform the lady that God, nor the church needs her money. God supplies all our needs, and we have no need to neither beg, manipulate, nor be manipulated.

If I am preaching God’s word and she doesn’t like the message, it is because the Word of God is convicting her.  Think about this, if she is a woman who critical towards everyone, I would also expect her to be critical of me.  This shows me that she is not behaving Godly, and I would try to pray for God to speak into her life.  The fact that she claims to have received Jesus Christ, as her savior does not mean that she is truly born again. If we are born again, we must follow, and be obedient to the Word of God.

In another sense, she is probably just being manipulated by the devil and at the same time, she is manipulating the system to have her way in church. The only way to truly handle this situation is simply to confront the lady, and all the individuals involved.  If the behavior continues then the lady must be put out of the church.

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