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Why Men Struggle With Intimacy

In today’s video topic, I have special guest author, Antonio Maxwell here to discuss the root reasons behind why most men struggle with intimacy.  Be sure to watch the video above and leave a comment below. 

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Do you feel like life has dealt you a bad hand? Do you feel as if you have no purpose for being here on this earth? Are you struggling to get past a divorce; deal with the death of a loved one, or overcome the hurt and pain inflicted by a loved one? If any of that sounds like you, welcome to the world of Antonio Benton. Please prepare your mind as he opens up about his life experience of unconditional love, forgiveness, mistakes, losses, wins, defeats, but no regrets. Get ready to walk with him as he shows you how he applied the principles of God’s word to unfortunate circumstances. This inspirational testimony will show you that what the enemy meant for bad, God turned around for good! 

Prepare to accompany the author on this voyage as he exploits the plots of the enemy and breaks down some godly keys concerning what not to do while in your wilderness. Pay close attention as Antonio shares testimonials of how he trusted God every step of the way, even while his faith was being tested! The Bible declares that all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain. You do understand that God is not a respecter of Man, right? What God has done for one, He will do for another.

Now buckle your seatbelt, because Antonio is about to take you with him on the ride of his life. You’re about to witness what happens when you go into the unknown with nothing left but your faith. Have you noticed that on many occasions in the Bible, God often used what someone had left to perform a miracle? Often, we feel like when bad things happen to us, it’s over, but God is ready to use what you have left to bring beauty out of ashes.

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