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A REAL Christian minister responds to LiL Nas X (Call me by your name) Satan Worship LIVE CHAT!

Montero Lamar Hill made headlines when he came out with Satan Shoes. Knowing his upbringing, Dr. Usher decided to reach out to him with this inspiration and heart touching message. Just watch the video. 

I want everyone to realize that almost every recent woe in the black community started when the industry took over our music. They filled it with drugs, sex, and violence. So is the artist singing about the community or is the industry using music to create the community we are living in? 

 I will ask you this question: What is the only group of people on the planet who will buy music that glorifies the killing and infidelity of their own people? The answer- African Americans.  

We have to do a better job at ensuring that we as a people do not continue to expose ourselves and our children to the garbage that the music industry in pumping through the air waves.  

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