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Biden’s USDA Sex For Free Lunch Program

On May 5 of 2022 the USDA announced that in their efforts to combat discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community that it will interpret Biden’s  January 2nd 2021   Executive Order on Preventing and Combatting Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation to include the penalty of withholding USDA resources from any school or agency that engages in any act of discrimination. This includes not allowing boys to use girls bathrooms and vice-versa.

In short, any school system that does not allow trans children to use the bathroom of their choice will lose access to the USDA’s SNAP which includes the free lunch program. This also means that if a school does not allow trans athletes to compete as their chosen gender, then the school is at risk of losing USDA resources.

What does this mean? It literally means that if a school does not allow a trans child access to facilities and programs that align with the child’s chosen gender then the UDSA will STARVE YOUR KIDS INTO COMPLIANCE! 


The scope of this issue is bigger than public schools. This also includes your local grocery stores who participate in the SNAP program and food production plants, and local farms!

Any grocery store, production plant, or farm who does not allow a man to flop out his huge penis in front of your wife and kids to use the bathroom will lose access to USDA resources! Joe Biden is going to starve everyone into compliance with his new LGTBI+ agenda. This is proof that he has no moral backbone. He is worse than any dictator! He is going to starve us to death until well comply with his agenda!

My Personal Thought and Rational...

Now I am wondering do women who become men want to use a man’s bathroom considering how messy we are? So far, the only ones fighting to go into any bathrooms are men who are wanting to be women. This makes me highly suspect of their motives!

Now lets be real for a moment. Many of us have parented boys before. How many times do we have to correct our boys about peeing in the toilet and not on or around the toilet? What about our daughters? How many times have our daughters refused to use the bathroom after their brothers because of the mess they have made on the toilet? Well, if we allow Biden and Harris to keep moving forward, our daughters will come home from school smelling like piss! I don’t know about you, but I surely don’t want a boy who is dressed as a girl to go into the same bathroom as my daughter! I don’t want her to see his penis! I don’t want her to sit in his piss, and I sure as heck don’t want her to get pee’d on! 

See, a boy can change his “identity” but he can’t change his biology [without surgery]. So that means he will continue to function biologically as a boy and pee all over the place, and have erections, and fondle himself. Now do we want our little girls to be exposed to the shenanigans of a confused little boy? I surely hope not.

You must take action! Write your representatives and the USDA and tell them ” DONT STARVE OUR CHILDREN!”

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