Should Love Be The Sole Reason People Get Married?

Question: Should two people who are in love get married because they are in love? My answer is no. Love should not be the main reason why you get married. Many people make the mistake of getting married because they are in love, which is why when they don’t feel love anymore, their marriage tends […]

Inflation Reduction Act Targets Black Businesses

The new Inflation Reduction Act has been touted as the savior of the American economy. However, upon deeper investigation, I have reasons to believe that it is not going to save the American economy, rather destroy the foundation of Black economic growth.  My reasons for stating this is because according to the SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE […]

President Trump Declared Innocent

I personally took time away from my work, family, and friends to watch the infamous January 6 investigation.  I decided to watch it because I simply wanted to try to hear all sides of the story before I made my own judgements regarding the matter. I will admit that January 6 was an embarrassment to […]

Marriage Ain’t Easy

Listen Now! In this podcast I will share with you some common demonic traps that satan will place in the path of all married people. Yes, it does not matter whether you are saved or unsaved, if you are in a heterosexual marriage satan will try to destroy it because MARRIAGE IS A LIVING TESTINOMY […]

LGBTQTIA+ Share Details on How to Convert Children

The first thing I want my readers to know is that no one has the right to force you to believe, act or say something that you don’t want. This goes for both those who are religious, and for those who are non-religious. See, in America, we have the Right to FREE SPEECH! We have […]

Roe vs. Wade Hidden Agenda to Eliminate African Americans

In this televised episode of The Business of Being Black with Tammi Mac, we discuss some of the historical facts surrounding the issue of Roe vs. Wade. Some of the facts that we mentioned are as follows: Roe vs. Wade was initially based upon fraudulent information. Norma McCorvey AKA Jane Roe whose alleged unwanted pregnancy […]

Biden’s USDA Sex For Free Lunch Program

On May 5 of 2022 the USDA announced that in their efforts to combat discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community that it will interpret Biden’s  January 2nd 2021   Executive Order on Preventing and Combatting Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation to include the penalty of withholding USDA resources from any school or […]

Is Gender-affirming Care for Children Abuse?

In a recent social media post, a question was asked by numerous parents as to why the LGBTQ seem to be all-of-a-sudden heavily targeting children. So I decided to dig a little bit deeper and here is what I found.  Based upon prior news reports concerning the history of this accusation, the answer was given […]

How Christian Teachers Must Address Transgender Students

If you are a Christian, then it violates the tenants of our faith to lie, and call a trans person by something other than what God says. In this case, you should NOT refer to them by their “preferred” pronouns, nor their “chosen” name- rather you should call them by their last name. This is […]