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Is Gender-affirming Care for Children Abuse?

In a recent social media post, a question was asked by numerous parents as to why the LGBTQ seem to be all-of-a-sudden heavily targeting children. So I decided to dig a little bit deeper and here is what I found.  Based upon prior news reports concerning the history of this accusation, the answer was given in 1977 by Anita Bryant in a news conference in Miami Beach where she stated, “homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they must recruit.” During another interview on the same subject, NBC news reported that “a gay activist threw a pie in her face…”

It seems that this battle has been raging for quite a long time. Bryant believed that in order for the “homosexuals” (now called the LGBTQIA) to grow that they must depend heavily on recruitment. She traveled the united states throughout the 70s and 80s warning parents and legislatures of how the LGBTQIA would infiltrate our schools and indoctrinate our children in what she deemed a “deviant” lifestyle.

Of course during those times, members of the LGBT community stated that they had no intentions of targeting children. However, it is evident by history, their statements were indeed misleading. They did, and continue till this day to target children. Their stated goal is to normalize the acceptance of LGBTQ people and end their stigma… But there is one thing stopping them from achieving this goal, and that is the religious moralist.

A religious moralist are those of us who pertain to a religious belief such as Islam, Christianity, and Orthodox Judaism in which our system of belief and teachings come from God and He manifests His truth through the Bible or Koran and guides us in what He says is right and wrong. In short, we follow an eternally established set of rules that cannot be changed by man or culture.

Our religion teaches us that God made Male and Female. God also teaches us that sexual relations should only be between a man and a woman. Anything outside of this is considered by God a sin.

Where all of us who are religious moralist tend to agree is that when people begin to have feelings for the same sex, or feelings of gender dysphoria, then we concede that a person feels what they feel and it cannot be negated. However, we also believe that such an individual has the power to decide whether he/she will act upon those feelings or not. This is the right that God has given to all higher species. It is the act of free-will. If a person does not have free-will, then are they human or merely an animal?

We also agree that if a person does not pertain to a religious belief concerning these issues, then such a person is free to believe and do as they please, as long as they do not impose their beliefs on others. Now, this is where the problem starts because we are seeing LGBTQ groups imposing their views on others, while silencing the views of the religious moralist. Religious freedom is protected under the constitution. IF anyone has a right to share their views, it is those of us to hold to a religious belief. It is not fair how one group is heard and another is silenced. We believe that a balanced approach should be taken.

Under current law, you as a religious moralist have the right to speak up and protect your children from any and all advancement of ideologies that go contrary to your religious beliefs.

  1. Does the school have the right to teach your children about sexuality? The answer is NO. They do not have the right. If they are doing it, then you have the right as a tax paying parent to request they that cease.

  2. Must your child by law use gender–affirming terminologies? The answer is NO. Under the US constitution, everyone has the right to free speech. No one can force your child to use terminologies if they choose not to, especially if such terminologies violates one federally protected religious beliefs.

  3. If your child is of the Christian or Islamic faith, then their religious freedom is protected by the U.S.  Constitution and cannot be infringed upon. Therefore, your child does not have to lie, nor be force to lie about the biological sex of an individual.

In short, take the time to educate your child about current events. Talking with your child is the best remedy to this issue. See, I talk with my children daily regarding current events, and I share with them our family values as a guide to help them defend themselves against the liberal lunacy hitting the globe.  Feel free to role play, and be the antagonist. Teach your kids how to respond to various ideological beliefs. Yes, I know that it’s not fair that kids have to go through this, but if you don’t do it, someone else will. Kid’s are resilient.

14 Responses

  1. so glad my parents never said this garbage . this article is disgusting and revolting . protect trans youth

  2. We are living in a retrograde society. We were actually smarter 40 years ago than we are today. In the 1980s the research on gender identity and sexual orientation answered the questions that you are now confused about.

    In humans, biological sex and gender both develop in the womb. But they do not develop at the same time. Biological sex develops during the 2nd trimester and gender develops during the 3rd trimester.

    In rats, only biological sex develops in the womb. Gender develops after the rat is born. This gives scientists the opportunity to study ways to alter gender identity in rats. The research shows that once gender identity is established, it can not be changed.

    Watch the following video.

  3. This is the most stupid thing ever. My 11 year old son is trans, and there is nothing wrong with that you idiots.

  4. this is actually disgusting. if you feel that people being themselves is abuse then you need to seek help

    1. No, you’re not sin, you’re a sinner. There is no such thing as trans — this is a lie, and you know it. To deliberately lie to someone is also a sin. Hurling insults at people who tell the truth is just wrong. This is what the writer is trying to convey. Born a male always a male. Born a female, always a female. This is the real truth and what procreation is all about and how each of us got here. Not one person, since the beginning of time, can say that a same sex couple produced a biological child ever in history. Therefore, same sex marriage is a lie.

  5. Wow. Folks on the far right seem unable to ever tell the truth. Forget the issue at hand, the article gets it wrong but it would take to long to explain and the writer is not even going to seriously listen…. Just consider what drew me in. The ad I clicked on mentioned TG issues and said the link would provide unbiased information and implied it would consider both sides.

    I clicked on it to see if the anti-TG side had any real arguments. As a socially liberal, straight “cis” male I am fully supportive of LTBQ issues… definitely including the “T”, but I am always interested in hearing all sides as any true liberal should be.

    I got here to find a completely fact free, totally biased harangue. In other words the ad was a complete lie… and if this “article” had presented any fact, that too would be suspect because of the pack of lies that got me here.

    I also find it VERY instructive that the people who are adamantly against anything other than binary views often spout religious doctrine, especially Christian doctrine. Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. EVEN IF it were a “sin” they have no place within their own religion to judge. They are literally sinning themselves by doing so.

    It is also interesting to note that one real argument provided in a comment relies on procreation as being the defining element of marriage. So, if you can’t procreate, you can’t marry. Tell your straight cis-gendered friends who are infertile that they can’t be married and can’t adopt. How about your friends who marry or remarry in their 40’s or later? Post-menopausal women can’t bear children. By your reasoning, they can’t marry.

    Please folks, if you have no arguments grounded in FACT rather than theology, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH… just don’t force others to conform to your beliefs. That is why the Founding Fathers wisely chose to separate Church and state. No one can force YOU to be gay, or have gender reassignment surgery. So, don’t foist unsupported religious views on others…

    And if you think being gay is a “lifestyle choice” and not a biological fact, prove it to me by choosing to be gay for a year. I know I couldn’t do it once if you paid me a billion dollars. People that are gay are that way by nature. If you choose to believe God made them… then God made them that way. It really is just a matter of biochemistry and neurology, but either way, it is not a “choice.”

    Sorry for my own harangue. But I get tired of having my time wasted by sites like this that lure me in with complete lies only to propagandize me with no facts.

    1. Why are you so adamant to change the writer’s beliefs or judge them? The writer has a belief and you and the trans community have a belief. The writer is free to tell you what they believe just as you are. Read it, don’t agree move along. I read the trans agenda all the time. I don’t try to change their mind. I read it and move along. The reader has a great point, just leave the gay and transgender agenda out of schools. If it’s historical information of a gay/trans individual of course we will need to discuss the history. The same goes with religious stuff of a historical nature. We can leave it at that. There is so much to write about this subject. I feel like it’s best to agree to disagree. Leave both agenda’s (gay, religious, gender pronoun discussions, etc..) and religious out of public schools. There is no reason to get the children involved. We as parents can discuss what we feel necessary on these subject’s at home.

  6. Following are some problems that occur as the result of men loving anal sex: Because of the anus muscles being penetrated by a penis, something that those muscles should not be subjected to, the muscle quality deteriorates to the point that the bowels simply fall from the anus, thus requiring surgery to fix the anus muscles. Additionally, how does it happen that the penetration of a piece of rubber, exudes more pleasure than a penis–something is wrong with that picture. Further, there are a couple of health issues unique to the LGBT + community: Monkey Pox and a spread of Meningitis. One of my nieces who is a lesbian invited me to her birthday party & the disgraceful behavior I saw (i.e. raw sex — women eating pussy, women walking around nearly naked) resulted in my losing whatever limited respect I had for women in that community. The behavior display was despicable!

  7. Mr. Hester, here are a few things for you to take under advisement. One, your notions, opinions and misconceptions regarding “truths” and “facts” about male and female and gender identity are at best flawed. What you need to come to terms with is not that you need to convince those of us here who are Believers in this discussion, but rather God, Himself. For you will one day stand before Him and will need to give to HIM a justification for every word deed and action. I honestly do not believe that this flawed argument of yours is going to bring you the desired outcome that you are seeking.

    Two, the notion of separation of church and state is a fable. It was a quote which was taken out of context 200 or so plus years ago. The intent was never to keep the church out of the affairs of the state but rather the contrary. It was meant to keep the STATE out of the affairs of the CHURCH.

  8. re: transgender, I wonder what people did before medical science started experimenting. God aside, nature evolved male, female, yin yang etc,, a transgender man will still have ovaries and a uterus, a transgender female an adam’s apple no matter the flood of hormone injections etc. It all gets very confusing!

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