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Gov. DeSantis Made the Best Decision

I felt it was my responsibility as a reasonable minded resident of Florida to discuss the numerous complaints around Governor DeSantis’s decisions during this COVID

Regeneron Used Aborted Fetus Cells

In 1973, a young expectant mother decided to abort her baby.  Sometime after the abortion, scientist dissected and used that baby’s body parts and organs

Christian Values Coloring Book For Kids

Christian Values: Coloring Book Devotional for Kids by Rafielle E Usher (Author, Illustrator), Danny R. Palacios (Illustrator), Flor Usher (Contributor) This devotional book is designed for parents and educators who want

COVID and Deadly Mutant Animals

There is evidence alleging that the COVID 19 virus is actually a man made mutation.  The Bible warned us of these man made mutations. The

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Critical Race Theory Explained

Question: Dear Dr. Usher,  What is Critical Race Theory? Should I be concerned about it? I have heard so many things about it, but I