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Join Dr. Usher each week as he shares with you Biblical teachings that will give spiritual insight on how you can overcome the challenges impacting your daily life.  


Two Ingredients That Helped Me Become Successful

There are allot of self-help #gurus out there. Everyone trying to jockey for attention. Many people proclaiming to have #success, are in fact not as successful as they claim. So this is what I will tell you. I am not #BillGates successful…

How to get your prayers answered

In this world there are many gods, and many beliefs about god. So God gave us a way to identify who He is and which God we should be praying to. See, you can call God, Hashem, Jehovah, or Elohim. But He gave us a name that will get His undivided attention.

Lesson #4: Guard your spirit

A gateway is a portal by which an external entity can have direct access to someone’s spirit, thus impacting their mind, will, and emotions. 

Lesson #3: Traits of a Narcissist

Did you know that the Bible reveals to us the very essence of a narcissist? It actually defines and describes what a narcissist is, and how a narcissist thinks, acts, and behaves.